Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm Pickin' up Good Vibrations

Everything on the earth has a vibration, an energy, people, animals, plants, even rocks. The energy of a gemstone is metaphysical, that which goes beyond the physical. Metaphysics includes that which the physical and scientific world cannot define but knows exists. Rocks, crystals, and gems are powerful. 

Their power lies in how we think of them. I like to think of them as reminders. Not only are they beautiful but each time we touch one, see one, think of one we can be reminded. I like to use affirmations. Affirmations help me focus my thoughts. Remember, quantum theory tells us thoughts become things. The librarian in me has been doing research on and off for years on the attributes of gemstones, so I decided to gather up a few pieces of my jewelry and see what was what. Now each time I wear one of these lovely pieces  I am reminded to allow the energy of Mother Earth to give me her gifts.

Choose a piece of your jewelry, see what it has to offer you. Perhaps you too will pick up good vibrations. In love and light, Mahalo, I serve.

Diamond: I am aligned with the Divine, a reflection of Love and Light.
Purity, devotion, unity, dedication, abundance, clarity
Psychologically imparts fearlessness and fortitude, stimulates the imagination.
Mentally provides a link between the intellect and the higher mind.
Spiritually allows the inner light to shine.
Message; “I display brilliant energy, reflecting purity, abundance, and devotion. I welcome you with grace and an open heart. In unity there is love.”

Garnet: I am focused. I know thoughts become things.
Creative, focused, passionate
Psychologically sharpens perceptions
Mentally dissolves limiting beliefs
Emotionally bestows self confidence
Message; “I am here to help you realize your creativity. You are passionate being. I remove your fears and remind you your thoughts create your experiences. Stay focused with an attitude of gratitude and watch with astonishment as your dreams manifest.”

Emerald: I am joyful, I see clearly.
Ensures physical, mental, and emotional equanimity, unity, patience, joy
Psychologically imparts inspiration
Mentally promotes clarity and truth
Emotionally enhances joy
Message; “I honor your heart’s essence which is Divine Love. From thoughts to manifestation our energies join to deliver the highest good. I compel you to walk with grace the illuminated path of love. All you require and desire is yours as you focus on service.”

Sapphire: I am serene and wise.
Aligns with the physical, mental and spiritual planes, increases serenity and wisdom
Psychologically helps realize truth
Mentally brings purity of thought
Emotionally releases confusion
Message; “I awaken your intuitive senses. Trust me. It is within that the seeker finds the road of purpose. I bring you calmness and serenity, with clarity and consciousness you fulfill your responsibility with joy.”

Jade: I am happy and healthy, wealthy and wise.
Offers serenity, wisdom and prosperity
Psychologically integrates the mind with the body
Mentally soothes the mind while stimulating ideas allowing you to act with ease
Emotionally aids in the release of irritability
Spiritually assists in awakening hidden knowledge of the Self
Physically cleansing stone, removes toxins balancing the fluids of the body
Message; “I offer the gifts of serenity, tranquility, wisdom and prosperity. “

Brown Jade; grounding, brings comfort and reliability
Green Jade; symbolizes peace and reflection, brings patience and prosperity

Pearl: I am graceful. My intentions are pure.
Offers harmony and grace, purity and integrity
Message; “I emerge beautiful and transcendent. Choose acceptance and compassion to realize harmony. Become infused with the Divine through self awareness.’

Amethyst: I am intune with the Source of Life. My life transforms with ease.
Enhances higher states of consciousness
Psychologically meditation and spiritual awareness
Mentally brings balance to the mind, calming or stimulating, helps one focus and be in control, connects cause with effect
Emotionally balances highs and lows
Physically tunes the endocrine system, strengthening the immune system
Message; “I am a link to the Divine. I increase awareness of infinite possibilities helping you to realize that Heaven is available NOW, HERE on Earth.”

Smoky Quartz: I am grounded. I let go and grow.
Assists in stabilizing spiritual energies as well as raising the vibration, help to release all that no longer serves you,
Psychologically relieves fear, promoting calm, dissolves negativity
Mentally gives clear insight, promotes concentration, alleviates communication difficulties
Emotionally centering
Message; “I assist in grounding and stabilizing your spiritual energies.  I increase the ability to release fears optimizing your potential.”

Hematite: I am secure. I trust my power. All is well.
Increase harmony and confidence
Psychologically boosts self esteem, enhancing the will, imparting confidence
Mentally stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and thought
Physically strengthens the blood and draws heat from the body
Message; “I enhance feelings of stability and security, escorting you to new levels of self understanding. I increase optimism and willpower. Shift your perspective and increase trust.”

Turquoise: I am intune with the energy of the Heavens and the Earth. I speak the truth without fear.
Promotes spiritual attunement, enhances intuition and meditation, releases inhibitions allowing self expression
Psychologically strengthens the spirit and well being of the body
Mentally instills inner calm, aiding in creative expression
Emotionally stabilizes mood, stimulates romance
Physically defeats depression, protects against panic attracts
Message; “I combine the blessings of water and sky. I reflect the beauty and bounty of this life. I embody the oneness of Heaven and Earth. Use me to speak your truth, heal your heart, free your soul, and move forward without fear. Ask for power and guidance and I will heed your call.”

Agate: I am balanced. I am stable.
Balance emotionally, physically and intellectually, stabilizing energy. Harmonizes yin and yang. Stabilizes the aura and chakras
Psychologically facilitates acceptance of one’s self. Aids in self-analysis and perception.
Mentally improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities
Emotionally overcomes bitterness, healing trauma
Spiritually raises consciousness and links to the collective consciousness. Encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life’s experiences.
Message; “Time immemorial circulates within me. I assist you in finding wisdom, confidence and self expression.”