Thursday, February 22, 2018

Our book is now available at Ingram/Baker and Taylor for school and library orders! Yay!

We had a blast at Milton Elementary School's literacy night. We sold and signed copies of The Impossible Dream; A Yoga Storytelling Adventure! Several teachers who made a purchase were excited to use the yoga storytelling adventure method in their classrooms. Woohoo! 

Our table was set up in a sweet spot near the entrance/exit.  Kids stopped by and practiced yoga with us throughout the event. The school chose "camping" as a theme. We decided to introduce the children to Warrior II pose and everyone experienced feeling "strong and courageous." Each yogi got one of our fun bookmarks and enjoyed ringing the gong before moving along to their next adventure.

We thought we'd share a few of our thoughts on how storytelling and yoga enhance literacy skills. Storytelling enhances language, listening and critical thinking skills and yoga enhances mind and body awareness. These twin arts increase balance, strength, and flexibility in both body and mind. Children develop not only language but also emotional and physical literacy as well.  

Storytelling is extremely valuable in developing young listener's imagination and yoga brings the story alive; it is both interactive and theatrical. Storytelling and yoga unite the logical and creative sides of the brain. Integrating left brain and right brain activity strengthens neural pathways responsible for memory, imagination, and learning. We know children absorb and process information through listening, seeing, and moving and storytelling and yoga engage the whole child honoring all the ways in which they learn. This increased engagement promotes deep learning. Including yoga along with storytelling stimulates the imagination as well as visualization abilities. By visually acting out the story with yoga postures children learn to transfer images into words and the visual images of the yoga postures enhance children's recall. They are now a part of the story and able to recall/retell in detail. Comprehension success!

Two of the many yogi's who practiced with us.

If you'd like to introduce a child to yoga through storytelling please see the sidebar and click on the Amazon link to order a copy of The Impossible Dream; A Yoga Storytelling Adventure. For author visits and presentations contact us at or

Through the magic of story and the wisdom of yoga let the adventure begin!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Giving and Receiving

The universe operates through the energetic exchange of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving go together. They are the same thing, just different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.  Naturally, the intention behind your giving and receiving is important. Our intention should be to offer happiness and health!

As you give, you open the gate to receive. Whatever you offer to someone else, the energy of the universe works to bring the same to you. Many of us find it easier to give than to receive but it is just as important to be open to receiving, receiving requires grace.

Our bodies and minds are continuously interacting with the universe. When the life force is flowing freely through your body and mind, you are open to the generosity and grace of the universe. Certainly, balance is key to a generous and gracious life. In order to be healthy, we must develop a balance between giving and receiving. When we give too much we can become depleted.  However, when we receive without giving back we often become self-absorbed.

Giving and receiving is alive in every breath we take. With each inhale and exhale there is an energetic exchange. Take a deep breath and hold it. After a moment or two you will notice how uncomfortable you begin to feel because you are holding onto something that is meant to be released. Exhale completely and hold the breath with empty lungs. Once again, you will feel uncomfortable since you are resisting receiving something you need.

During your yoga practice it is important to maintain breath awareness, allowing the inflow and outflow of your breath to be an effortless exchange of energy. Tune in to the life force that flows through your body as move into and out of postures. Enjoy the sensations as your body expands and contracts, giving and receiving. Be aware of the needs of the body, giving it time to receive what you are offering. You just may find that challenging postures are more easily achieved!

We invite you find the balance between giving and receiving, and as you do so consider what you might like to receive and begin to give it, be it affection, appreciation, abundance….

Our story this month; I open the gate to giving and receiving.  

Gate Pose

Gate Pose is a side bend that stretches the entire side body and is suitable for students of all levels.

Caution; knee injury

Kneel tall, bring the left foot out in front with the knee bent at 90 degrees, pause. Then bring the foot out to the side opening the hip, the knee remains bent at 90 degrees, pause. Now extend the left leg out straight to the side, place the sole of the foot on the ground toes pointing away, keep shoulders and hips square to the front. Inhale lifting arms to shoulder height and rotate the right palm upward, exhale as you reach overhead and towards the left, place the left hand gently on the left leg. Gaze upward toward your right hand. Hold the pose for several breaths. To release inhale and bring both arms to shoulder height, exhale and lower them as you come back to kneeling tall. Repeat on the other side. 

Mahalo, we serve.