Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Opening to Grace

 Pushpaputa mudra is a gesture of offering, you are the offering, you are opening yourself to the grace of the Divine. Pushpaputa mudra symbolizes openness of heart and mind. Practicing the mudra makes one receptive to all the Divine has to offer. 

This month we opened our practice with Pushpaputa mudra. We opened our minds and hearts to the Divine. Our story this month; I open to grace. 

This mudra invites us to be present and receptive to grace. Open to Grace - the meaning is endless. It offers us an opening to infinite possibilities. Grace is always available. It is a force that lives in us. It is a force that reveals to us our true nature. 

Often we begin our yoga practice stressed, weary or preoccupied with thoughts. As we take a seat and begin to settle down by becoming aware of the breath we start to release tension and anxiety, even our thoughts settle. When we inhale the body opens and expands. In this space we can be more gracious, open-hearted and open-minded. When we exhale we soften and let go, physically, mentally and emotionally. We open to the present moment and remember that inside of us is a quiet sweetness. Something we forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

One of the lessons I am learning from my yoga practice is to soften when I want to harden. I sometimes notice myself tensing up when I'm in a difficult situation. Then I remember to take a breath, soften and open to grace. To reach our fullest potential our heart and mind must be in the right place. Opening to grace means taking a moment to reflect before responding to what is before us. We soften with an attitude of acceptance and realize our inter-connectedness with the world. 

Opening to grace shows us who we really are. Through grace our individuality can be experienced as a beautifully unique expression of the Divine Whole. When we glimpse however briefly, our true nature, we begin to inherit our birthright as Divine beings. The gratitude that wells up in response to the sweetness of this experience is such that we can say nothing but "I am blessed!"

We can open to grace in any and every moment. When we practice opening to grace, we will see no distinction between the spiritual and the mundane, though we must PRACTICE!! Only then will we move through the world finding divine teachings and learnings everywhere. We will recognize grace is being offered constantly and therefore open and receive it. Opening to grace offers us the opportunity to come into harmony with all that is. 

May we remember to take deep breaths, and Open to Grace!

Hari Om