Saturday, October 5, 2013

Swamp Cat Slays a Dragon

Hot dry heat beat down on the bottomland woods. The summer sun has burned up Swamp Cat’s stored energy. She is long and lean. Bedraggled she rambles the rugged route beside the brown bayou, its surface warm like cafĂ© au lait. The cool shade of the cypress calls to her, come…be at ease.  She rests under the boughs; rusty leaves fall as a new season approaches.

High Lunge hands in prayer

Swamp Cat has remained in the deep of the bottomland woods all season, fending off intruders. Cunningly they approached, lurking about and hiding in the stumps and hollows. Swamp Cat suspected dragons. She felt their fiery breath but had not seen their faces. Elusive they did not show themselves. Tracks in the dry earth, and a frightening roar sounding in the dark of the night told her of their presence.  

High Lunge with a twist

Swamp Cat determined to slay the dragons, one at a time. Weary of their menacing ways, she prepared. She sharpened her claws and climbed the tall pine. Here her vision has always been clear. She spotted one. It was behind the wide old oak, its gnarly roots disguising a knotted tail. She balanced on the edge of the limb. It moved but remained sturdy. She had to trust her vision. She had to trust her power.

Crescent lunge

She leapt. Pouncing upon him, they toppled in a heap. He was scaly and rough. They twisted and turned. Swamp Cat landed on her feet. They looked upon each other, eye to eye. She saw him for what he truly was.  He hung his head. Through unspoken words he knew he must flee. This is her home and she wants to live free. 

Melting Heart

Running from dragons does more harm than good. It may be a short term fix but feelings have a way of catching up with us. They hide and lurk, breathing fire. However, when you are courageous and confront your dragons you’ll often find the strength you need to deal with them.  Recognizing our dragons allows them to be transformed.  Be they doubt, discouragement or simply the dreary wearies, once we see them and feel them they release their hold on us, at least temporarily. They may return but the quicker we recognize them and come to know our power the quicker we can respond, sending them on their way. 

This is where true freedom lives.  

Om Tat Sat