Friday, February 4, 2022

Recent Indie Reviews


Whew!!! I made it through the holidays, my birthday, a Forever Friends ebook promo (I am grateful to each one of you who participated and left a review), and a move to Arkansas from Louisiana!!!

I think it’s time for a breath break, ahhhh…breathing in and breathing out.  

A breath break connects you to your breath. You can enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being with mindful breathing techniques. You’ll notice that you become less stressed when you practice conscious breathing. Our newest story, Peace and Quiet, is in the works. In this timeless tale kids learn that they may not be able to control the world around them, but they can control their inner world. With three easy breathing exercises to use as a means of self-empowerment, kids will discover a way to stay calm, focused and alert.

But that’s a story for another day, today I want to review a few amazing books by other indie authors.  #authorshelpingauthors

Included are a couple of yoga poses for each review; cuz that’s what I do! Connecting mind and body through story and yoga kids connect to the world around them and the imagination within. Learning mind-body awareness they become calm, confident, and compassionate.

With the magic of story and the wisdom of yoga, let the adventure begin!

Pretty Loved By Mr Jay

Pretty sweet story presenting a parent’s heartfelt love for a child. Littles will love it with its pretty rhymes and simply heartwarming, imaginative illustrations. Pretty great job Mr. Jay!

Yoga; This is a heart opening story; therefore, heart opening poses are a pretty great fit.  Try Seated Camel variation and Peaceful Warrior

 “I love you” isn’t easy to say! By Angela Cross

How cute! Told from the point of view of a baby, kids learn there is more than one way to say “I love you” in this story that shows instead of tells. Bright colors will keep littlest listeners engaged!

Yoga; Child’s pose of course and Seated twist; begin and end with Anjali mudra, hands at the heart



It’s great to be me By Melissa Ahonen

Empowering affirmations are incredible. Kids need to believe in themselves, and self-talk is great way to build positive character traits. With characters that are absolutely adorable, the happy illustrations will make you smile!

Yoga; Repeat the affirmations as you hold the pose. I am strong; Warrior II and I am excellent; Chair pose with cactus arms


 Schneider the Spider By Czarina Tran-Bernett

Self-acceptance and kindness! Simply delightful story showing how words and actions affect not only others but also ourselves. Kids learn the importance of self-acceptance as well as the part kindness plays in accepting others. Full of feelings and emotions the simply adorable illustrations pop off the page. Well done!

Yoga; Low squat with arms in cactus, for Schneider the spider and Butterfly pose for Berlini


Do Not Wish for a Birthday Unicorn! By Sarina Siebenaler

Silly and funny just what little kids like! A fairy-tale birthday party complete with unicorn magic gives us more than laughs. It shows us how empathy, kindness and teamwork come together, and when we care for others, we bring joy to ourselves. Colorful, hilarious illustrations add sparkle to the enchantment. 

Yoga; Warrior I for Starlight the unicorn and Shoulder stand for a birthday cake candle


Cardboard Rosie By Cazzy Zahursky

A sweet story about a father-daughter relationship that will warm your heart. Emma wants a forever doll for her birthday but it’s not in the budget, so on daddy’s day off they make a cardboard doll together. A wonderful reminder about what is truly important. Read it!

Yoga; lowering the head below the heart provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Try Pyramid pose and Standing forward fold

May all children everywhere be happy and healthy!

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