Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Mind is like the Moon

It's been said that the mind is like the moon. Why? Because, the moon has no light of its own. It is just reflected light. Just as the moon's light comes from the sun, the mind's light comes from our inner sun. 
Like the moon, the mind tends to wax and wane. It may be filled with interest in something, then in the next moment that interest will fade. The mind, like the moon, does this because it is reflected light. It is not self-luminous; it is susceptible to fluctuation and change. We often seek the light from outside ourselves, looking for bright things, hoping they will fill us with light. We seek light from the outside because we haven't yet realized our own self illuminating nature. 
The moon and the mind also have a dark, shadow side. When we allow the inner light to illuminate the dark places however, things don't look so scary. We can do this by simply observing our thoughts and feelings. Without judgement just witness thoughts that are negative and become aware of the feelings that arise. Once you become aware that these thoughts and feelings do not serve you, the inner light can guide them in the opposite direction. 
The inner light is all wise, all powerful and all loving. When you are unsure of your way and all around you seems dark allow the inner sun to guide you. When the inner light guides you, you'll find peace in all of life's situations. Turn inward, find your inner sun, realize your self luminous nature and shine your light on everything and everyone!
Our story this month; I honor my inner light.

Half Moon Pose
We will begin in Mountain Pose, move through a variation of Pyramid Pose and then let our inner light shine as we find Half Moon Pose using a block. 

From Mountain Pose place the block alongside the right foot. Step the left foot back about 3 feet, turn the foot to a 45 degree angle. Place the left hand on the hip. Inhale and lengthen the spine, exhale and fold forward hinging at the hips, bringing the right hand to the block. Pause and feel the stretch. Inhale and bend the right knee, lifting the heel of the left foot, into sort of a lunge. Exhale and rock back lowering the left heel as you straighten the right leg. Repeat several times, inhale as you lunge forward and exhale as you rock back.

On the next inhale pick up the block and place it about 18 inches in front of you, the back leg will automatically begin to lift. Exhale as work toward bringing the back leg parallel to the ground. Engage your core as you straighten the front leg. Actively reach through the back heel, flex the foot. Stack your top hip over your bottom hip, stack your left shoulder over your right and open your torso. Then extend your top arm and lift towards the sky. Balance and let your light shine! Repeat on the opposite side. 
Here is a short meditation to connect with your inner light. 
Sit in a quiet place, comfortable with your hands resting on your knees palms facing up and eyes closed. Begin by taking several slow, deep breaths. Now visualize a light within your heart. Focus your attention on that inner light. When the mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to the inner light without judgment. 
Once the image of the light is clear, add a simple gesture to the visualization. Inhale and softly open your arms. Exhale and place your palms over your heart. Repeat twice more. With your hands over your heart sit quietly for a few moments breathing gently. When you are ready open your eyes and remember this light of wisdom, power, and love is always within you. 
Mahalo, we serve.