Friday, May 13, 2022

Peace and Quiet and Recent Indie Reviews

Coming Soon!!

Our newest title, A Yoga Storytelling Adventure; Peace and Quiet!

This Yoga Storytelling Adventure takes us on a whimsical journey to Eastern Europe, where a mind-mannered girl thinks she lives in a noisy and chaotic house until her wise neighbor turns her world upside down and she sees things in a different way. 

In this timeless tale kids learn that they may not be able to control their outer world; however, they can control their inner world. Although intended for ages 4 to 8, kids of all ages will discover a simple way to stay calm, focused and alert with three easy breathing exercises to use as a means of self-empowerment. 

Included is a Polish word guide to help develop an appreciation of a different language, and best of all, a full description of yoga poses makes the story come alive as you go on A Yoga Storytelling Adventure

The book launch has kept me super busy the last couple of months, I learn new things every time. Self-publishing is no easy feat. You are responsible to wear many hats, and change them often! lol. I am so very grateful to all the help I get from other indie authors. #authorshelpingauthors 

And without further ado…enjoy this month’s Recent Indie Reviews, along with a few yoga poses too! Yep, cuz that's what I do!!

My Magical Feelings by Becky Cummings

Charming colorful illustrations will keep littles engaged as they learn about different emotions. Honoring them for what they are, letting them come and letting them go, these are things we all need to know. The heart meeting him at the door, so sweet!

Yoga; Easy Pose Rainbow Stretch; place the right hand on the left knee lift, reach and open the arm behind you, (the eyes follow the hand) allowing the emotion to come and return the hand to the knee allowing the emotion to go. 6 times for the colors of the rainbow, then switch arms and repeat.

Aria Finds her Voice by Sarah Palmer

A charming story of self-discovery! Absolutely love the affirmation gifts from the birds and the silent moment at the pond for reflection; things we all need in order to be brave, spread our wings and follow our dreams. Fabulous illustrations reminiscent of collage pop off the page. Well done, Sarah!

Yoga; Warrior II for Aria and Eagle pose for the birds she meets

Rosie the Farm Truck by Victoria Scudder

Rosie is precious with her big eyes and long lashes! She is also playful, helpful and kind. She wants to play with the farm animals but is called off for a mission. Through teamwork and trust in herself she accomplishes her goal. The hand-painted watercolor illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to the story.

Yoga; Staff pose with arms out for Rosie and Warrior I with hands alongside the ears and fingers spread wide for the reindeer


Come here, Airplane by Eric Shatsky

Sweet little story with lovely, imaginative illustrations. It’s wonderous to dream of and be excited for future possibilities, but we must remember to be aware of the beauty of the present moment. A simple lesson for kids and adults alike!

Yoga; Warrior III for the airplane and High Lunge with arms lifted for the little girl


Wish Upon A Star by Emily Daine

Oh, to let our imagination take us on an adventure! A shooting star and a whimsical wish become magical in this fun fairy tale. Every little girl’s dream come true. Loved the fairy door!!

Yoga; Star pose for the shooting star and Goddess pose for the fairy

The light in me, sees the light in you. Namaste. 


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