Saturday, June 12, 2021

Shall we dance?

                                  Nataraja Lord of the Cosmic Dance

Most of us take things too seriously. We invest in our issues, our dramas. Wondering, should I, shouldn't I? We have a vision of the way things should be, could be, ought to be. Obviously, this is a big source of stress. However, if you take an issue and look at it from another perspective, injecting a bit of humor, you laugh. It's very liberating when we learn to take ourselves lightly. 

Vision motivates us, providing momentum to act and that's important. What would life be without dreams and desires? They give us direction and light our way, but stuff happens. We're not in control of illness, loss, or misunderstanding. All we can do is respond in the best way possible. When you see your own drama, you see how you get trapped in a story. You see how the mind appears to make it real. Yet we are so much more than our stories. Can you imagine getting to a place and just allowing things to happen without adding to the drama by creating a story around it? Wouldn't it be great to realize that it's all just the process of life? 

Consciousness has an ability that allows us to deal with our issues responsibly with a certain lightness. The Sanskrit word for dance is called Lila. Lila is the dance or play of life. Dance - play does not mean insignificant; it means it has the quality of lightness. Imagine consciously moving through the dance of life. It's delightful when you spend time with someone and both of you can see what lies beyond appearances. Life then becomes free, a chance to play and dance! Though we can't force anyone to come out and play, we can always ask...shall we dance?

Enjoy the dance, Kathe