Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swamp Cat ponders the Mystery

Swamp Cat ponders the mystery in the marshy, bottomland woods where she lives and loves. She contemplates the muddy, brown bayou and the way it slowly flows towards the cool, azure sea. She is here and Solstice has come. His warm energy pours upon the earth in all its radiant abundance.  She wonders what the season will bring.

She knows that if she lets go of trying to see the mystery this will allow her to actually see it. She knows that desiring and desirelessness are different and yet the same. They are part of the mystery.  She must let go of the desire to figure it all out and allow life to stretch out and unfold before her.

The soil is soft in the bottomland woods and shifts beneath her feet, yet Swamp Cat stands firm like a mountain. She trusts that she is supported by the earth. She is strong, steady, and stable. Her head lifts towards the heavens and she breathes. Facing east she salutes the splendid sun. She feels the long time sun shine upon her, all love surround her and believes the pure light within her will guide her way. She opens her heart and accepts what comes, for it will be what it will be, and Swamp Cat intends to enjoy the mystery.

Mountain pose (Tadasana) 
  • All standing poses arise from mountain pose so it’s important to prepare a firm foundation.
  • Stand with feet hip distance apart and parallel, legs straight, arms hang by your side, hands soft yet active.
  • Balance your weight evenly between the four corners of your feet, feel your connection to the earth.
  • Create a firm foundation, breathe and feel the energy filling your body, your ankles and calves become steady, your thighs and hips are stable, engage your belly and lengthen your spine, lifting your head high towards the sky. Stay here for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Tada! You are still, strong, steady and stable like a mountain. Try it you just might like it and while since you're here, check out the following link. I love Erich's Schiffman's directions...snuggle your feet into the floor...experience the wide open...


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