Friday, April 28, 2017

You are My Sunshine...seeing the Light

There is a light within each of us as bright as the sun. A spark of light filled with love and kindness that always shines. Each of us has this inner light; it is who we are at our core. This light illuminates our life, affecting our thoughts, words, and actions.

Sometimes we don't notice it and other times we forget it's even there. Yoga wakens us, allowing us to see the inner light. As we begin to see this inner light in ourselves and others we become more loving and kind. 

A simple way to practice is to offer a silent greeting of Namaste when you encounter someone, " The light in me, sees the light in you." When the light guides us we treat others the way we want to be treated. Therefore embrace your inner spark and let it light your way!

Seeing the light in our sassy seniors led us to this month's story; You Are My Sunshine. We opened the practice by letting our "Sun shine" for all to see. Circling the arms overhead with full, deep Sunbreaths fanned the flame while loosening up stiff upper backs, necks, and shoulders. Then gentle twists created sparks that had us shining all the brighter as back discomfort diminished. Simple leg lifts strengthened and stretched hamstrings and quadriceps, tight from time spent mostly sitting.

The ancient practice of yoga is perfect for seniors. It helps keep the mind sharp and the muscles strong. Our inner light illuminating the way, we closed with a grateful Namaste.

The light in me, sees the light in you. 

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