Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The practice of yoga is a deeply transformative experience that can change our life. If we decide to embark on the journey of yoga as a way of life, not simply as an exercise, transformation will materialize. Transformation can sometimes be difficult but the reward is unsurpassed. Yes we can transform our bodies by regular asana practice, but we can transform our entire life when we practice yoga off the mat every day. We can transform any limited belief about ourselves into awareness of our divine potential. By diligent awareness we can stay kind even in unpleasant situations, we can be considerate even when we feel harassed, and we can be truthful even when it hurts. This is living our yoga!

Transformation is not always difficult. Transformation can be a joy and a pleasure as natural as turning flour into mouthwatering bread or cake, raw vegetables in to a flavorful soup or turning dried tea leaves into an aromatic brew. 

Shirley stirs up a cake!

This month our Sassy Seniors transformed flour and sugar into cake. We sang as we stirred, "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked you a cake." I continue to learn a lot from these seniors. Every day is a new day for seniors with memory problems. Every moment is a new moment for them. While most of us struggle to stay "in the now" they quickly let go of the past. While some of us have a hard time forgiving they never seem to hold on to a grudge. While we may sometimes forget to be grateful they often smile and say thank you. - MM

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