Thursday, November 2, 2017

Available now on Amazon!

The Impossible Dream; a Yoga Storytelling Adventure, our kid's yoga story book has successfully launched.  We are so excited...may The Impossible Dream travel far and wide and may children everywhere realize that, "Nothing is Impossible!"

The Impossible Dream is available for purchase here on our blog, just click on the Amazon link. If you go to Amazon directly use the entire title for the search, The Impossible Dream; a Yoga Storytelling Adventure. The book is also available on our website, we would love for you to visit.

If you purchase a copy for yourself please leave a review at Amazon. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner and The Impossible Dream would make a great gift! If you purchase the book as a gift we would welcome a review from the recipient too. Thanks in advance for the complimentary reviews. We are forever grateful.

p.s. The book will soon be available for schools and libraries to purchase through Ingram/Baker and Taylor. Woohoo!

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Kathe Hudson and Melanie Moyer
Yoga Teachers, Storytellers, Authors

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