Monday, October 8, 2018

Remember Who You Are

You are a spiritual being having an earthly experience! Remind yourself often that you are brave, you are bright, and you are beautiful!
You are brave every single day just by living here on the earth plane where things can get quite challenging. Surely there are not a lot of days when some trial doesn't present itself to you in some way, yet you continue on, overcoming every obstacle. You continue to take action despite your fears and doubts. Yes, dear one, you are so very brave. Please don't ever forget that. 
You are bright like a shining star! You have no idea how many people you've touched in your lifetime; how you've managed to brighten the day for someone just by your smile or by listening to someone who was having one of those challenging moments. 
You are beautiful. You might look in the mirror and see flaws, but this is only an illusion. You are perfect just as you are. Remember you are a beautiful, infinite spirit having a temporary earthy experience. 
Our story this month; Remember Who You Are.
This month we practiced a fun set of poses that move smoothly from one into the next such as moving into Warrior III from Warrior I by shifting the body forward, lifting the back leg and reaching forward. One particular pose we practiced that some of us find fun, while others find challenging is Triangle Pose. The great thing about Triangle Pose is that it becomes much more accessible with a block set next to the foot. Here are the steps if you would like to try out this pose. Have fun! You can do this, Remember Who You Are!

Begin standing in Mountain Pose and place a block on the outside of your right foot. Take a big step back with the left foot and turn the foot to face the long side of your mat. Bring the arms up to shoulder height, along side your body, parallel to the floor. Reach out actively through the fingertips of both hands, palms facing down, and soften the tops of the shoulders. Begin to extend your right hand forward and hinge at your right hip to bring your hand down to the block, keeping your front body and pelvis facing toward the long side of your mat. Reach up toward the sky with your left hand. Breathe slowly and evenly. To come out of the pose use your abs to hinge back up, lower your arms and step forward into Mountain Pose. Move the block to your left side and step back with the right foot. Repeat the steps.

Love, light and laughter, 

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