Monday, June 25, 2018

Libraries Rock!

We spent several adventurous days with the Richland Public Library's amazing kids for the Summer Reading Program!

The sun beamed bright, the day a delight as our yoga storytelling adventure began. Our plans included a stop off in Ruston for peaches. Ruston is north Louisiana's peach paradise and the season had just opened. Mitcham Farms is just peachy, it has a delightful gift shop with all sort of peach goodies and fresh peaches galore. Millions of peaches...peaches for me! After a few sweet purchases we lapped up some peach ice cream before shoving off for Richland Parish.

Richland parish is the home of Louisiana's first public library. Who would have known? It was built in 1927, the year of the great flood. Stories are told of people who paddled their pirogues into town to borrow books until the water receded. A sturdy, red brick building it is still is use as a memorial library.  

Good girl scouts always scout out their territory so we google mapped the addresses for the branches we were to visit and set out to locate them ahead of time. Gotta be prepared ya know, don't want to get lost or be late. Well...the printed map and the mobile map got us lost, and if we would have waited til morning we would've definitely been late! The first library was just up the road from where we were staying but the map took us this way and that way to no avail. Putting the maps aside we allowed intuition to guide us and found it easy peasy just around the bend.

We can't say enough about the librarians we worked with. They were incredibly welcoming, thank you Debbie, Amanda and Sara! Richland parish is rural, it has two branch libraries each one about a 20-minute drive from the main library in Rayville. The libraries have recently been handsomely renovated and it was wonderful to see the communities utilizing them. Libraries Rock!

Four presentations were scheduled, two each day. Each session the kids sat enchanted as we told The Impossible Dream. Introducing kids to yoga is exciting as well as rewarding, you never know what you're gonna get. One of our participants had a leg in a cast and was on crutches. Did it stop him? No way! Which only reminded us...Nothing is Impossible!

In gratitude. 

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