Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Breath in the Bluebonnets

Spring was just sleeping they often say, for when daylight returns the world comes out to play. The spring equinox brings us a balance of light and dark, waking the resting earth. Roused from slumber plants stretch and open their sleepy eyes. New life emerges taking its first full breaths. We too stretch and breathe ready for new adventures.

Drizzle followed us the length of the way, grey clouds hovering low overhead. Seeking release from the confines of winter we headed to the Texas hill country. Wildflowers were beginning to break ground and we looked forward to more than a glimpse of Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush in addition to the fresh spring air. Yet where were the sunbeams we’d yearned to see? Good yogis know we ought to surrender to whatever is to be, thus should the sun refuse to shine we’d roll out our mats then settle in to enjoy family.

The next morning dawned bright and clear however and a cold biting wind greeted us. Bundling up, we set off eager as ever to discover our treasures. Bright blue faces with sweet little smiles covered the countryside mile after mile. Vivid orange splashes popped up here and there. We snapped photos in the blustery breeze. Drinking in the wild air we were filled with the energy of life.

Breath is life. In yoga the conscious control of the breath is called pranayama.  Prana means breath and yama means control. Pranayama affects our whole being; body, mind and spirit. This awareness of the breath brings us closer to controlling the mind and directs the energy of the body. Yoga science gives instruction to the practice of pranyayama; it is good to begin breath work in the spring. During spring the air is pure, neither too hot nor too cold. Wisdom is asleep in each of us and pranayama awakens this slumbering insight.

It is spring, time to wake up, the light welcomes me and I remember to breathe. 


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  1. Yes, in yoga the conscious controlled on breathe is called Pranayam. Pranayam is similar to yoga for ourselves fresh. I also do yoga and pranayam daily. It keeps me fit and fine all the day.

    --Fabrizio Neves