Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Peddler and the Impossible Dream


A Moving Tale presented “The Peddler and the Impossible Dream” as part of the summer program Dig into Reading. Kids discovered the treasure of believing in their dreams during this interactive yoga storytelling session for 5-12 year olds.

Mel and I were thrilled when more than we expected turned out for this session. We began with full breaths, gathering our thoughts so we could focus. Emma Jean helped us get centered and imaginations were ready. The adventure took us from a small cottage out in the country, down a wide winding river to a river bridge and a big city. As the story goes a young man has a dream, but the busyness of the day soon has him forgetting all about his dream. He begins to have the same dream night after night, which he believes is impossible to achieve. Finally he gives in and goes in the direction the dream tells him. Along the way enjoying the journey, only to arrive at his destination to find disappointment. Discouraged he starts for home and is stopped by a merchant who questions him. Dreams are silly he is told. The merchant precedes to tell him a similar story of a persistent dream of his own. The young man realizes why he was sent on the journey and rushes home. Once there, he discovers a treasure. 

We opened our hearts to our dreams as the peddler, strong and courageous with Warrior II. Next, gnarly roots came up out of the ground and we grew into old, old oak trees with tree pose. Shoving off from the shoreline we paddled our boats down the wide winding river in boat pose. Finally rounding the bend in the river, the river bridge came into view and we lifted into bridge pose. Returning home, we discovered our treasure and lifted our arms to the heavens with a sunbreath and proclaimed, “Nothing is Impossible!”

 What could be more important than discovering the treasure of believing in our dreams, having faith in ourselves, and knowing our intentions are for good? So often we think our dreams are impossible to achieve. We set them aside and forget all about them. Days, months and even years pass and one day the dream again reappears. When we take the time to dig beneath the surface, we can find strength and courage, true treasures. With these we can make a commitment to our self and step in the direction of accomplishing our dreams. Thank goodness, we live in a big, big universe where “Nothing is Impossible!”

Dream Big.

Moving Tale; Tandem Yoga Storytellers, Kathe and Melanie

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