Monday, July 27, 2020

Awakening the Inner Goddess

How do we connect with the divine feminine energy of the goddess? First let me say, everyone - both males and females, have masculine and feminine energy within themselves. Yang energy is masculine, Yin energy is feminine. Sun energy is masculine, Moon energy is feminine. Masculine energy give us ambition, focus, and confidence. Feminine energy give us connection, compassion, and the ability to nurture. We want a balance of all of these energies, however in today's world most of us have more masculine energy than feminine energy. 

Yoga teaches that the energy of the Universe is a power called Shakti. Shakti is both manifest power and unmanifest power - the power within all experiences. It is the power to create and the power to transform. The divine feminine at its very essence is shakti energy. It's time to reclaim the shakti that lies within each of us! 

As we begin to awaken our inner goddess her energy can demand our full attention, she wants to show us what we can be. Getting to know the goddess is like getting to know the different parts of ourselves. She is creative and destructive, light and dark, capable of giving and taking. Her powers are endless and her forms are infinite. In her fierce form she uses whatever weapons are necessary to slay jealousy, ignorance, greed, anger, and the like - you get the drift, yet behind her fierceness is love...endless love. When we embrace her totally without aversion, we can then relax into that blissful state that is our true nature. 

This month I'd like to share a breathwork practice dedicated to the divine feminine, may it awaken your inner goddess, may you receive her shakti, may wisdom, power, and love flow from your heart, and may her energy bring balance into your life. 

Our story this month; I am divine energy

                                                Goddess Pose

Begin standing in Mountain Pose with hands on hips. Inhale and step out wide and turn your feet out to 45 degrees. Exhale and bend the knees coming into a squat, the knees track over the toes. Extend the arms out at shoulder height, lift the forearms and turn the palms to face forward (cactus arms), fingers spread, keep the elbows level with the shoulders. Lengthen the spine and tuck the pelvis slightly as you pull the belly in and hold the pose for several breaths. To release the pose return the hands to the hips and inhale as you press into the feet straightening the legs, then step the feet together. 

In the benevolent form press the palms together at the heart, elbows out wide. Smile. 

Goddess Pranayama 

Straighten the legs on the inhale, squat on the exhale.

Begin in Goddess squat, knees tracking over the toes, hands at the heart. 

Inhale; hands in prayer at the heart lift and reach overhead

Exhale; round the arms down gathering energy, fingertips touch below the belly palms face upward

Inhale; with the fingertips touching lift the palms upward bringing the energy toward the heart

Exhale; turn the palms to face down and float the palms downward giving the energy back to the earth

Inhale; round the arms overhead bring the palms to touch

Exhale; round the arms down bring the energy back behind the body, fingertips touch, draw the shoulders back and lift the heart

Inhale; bend the elbows and bring the hands up towards the shoulders leading with the back of the wrists, hands are soft

Exhale; press hands out in front of the body with straight arms, palms face away 

Inhale; fold the wrists and bring the fingers to the thumbs as you open the arms out wide to the side

Exhale; float the arms back to center, prayer position at the heart, grateful for the grace of the goddess

Repeat for 3 rounds

Hari Om




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