Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Recent Indie Reviews

A couple of months ago I joined several support groups in an effort to learn more about this intriguing adventure called self-publishing and self-marketing. There is much to absorb and my head feels like it’s gonna explode most of the time!

Hence, a need for brain breaks. Which led me to begin participating in book launches and reviews and it’s been wonderfully refreshing. As a former children’s librarian, I’ve read a ton of traditionally published children’s books. As a self-published children’s author, it’s fascinating to see what others are offering in the field. As a yogi, I couldn't help myself and chose a couple of yoga poses to go along with each of the books I reviewed. My book series, A Yoga Storytelling Adventure, introduces kids to yoga through story. You can read about the many benefits of combing story and yoga in a previous blog post!

Anywho…without further ado.

With the magic of story and the wisdom of yoga, let the adventure begin!

Autumn Fairies by Melissa Spencer

A Colorful Tale

Sprinkled with fairy dust, it dazzles the senses. Told in delightful rhyme, it depicts fairies as nature’s guardians playing and helping others as the season changes. A bonus is the glittery glossary which adds sparkle to growing vocabularies. A fabulous celebration of the magic of the season!

Yoga:    Autumn Fairy = Dancer Pose

            Autumn Tree = Tree Pose

Rory by Sarah Cullen and Carmen Ellis

 An adorable story

Littles will be fascinated by Rory, who sets off on a journey to find what no one else believes in. This story reminds us that friendship and teamwork make following our dreams much more fun!

Yoga:        Rory the Orca = Fish Pose

                Dozer the Polar Bear = Downward Facing Dog Pose


Gilly the Ghost loves scaring the Most by Heather E. Robyn

More than a Halloween story

Filled with marvelous Monster illustrations! Gilly’s friends are fed up with his constant scaring. With kindness and cooperation, they come together and confront him. Gilly learns that there is a time and a place for his scaring fun.

Yoga:    Gilly the Ghost = Warrior III pose w/arms out wide

            Zombie Zane = Half Moon Pose


My Way to Keep Anger Away by Elizabeth Cole

Playful learning

Playful illustrations full of vibrant colors will keep little ones engaged, as five simple exercises are presented to help them learn that they can choose a way to make their anger go away.

Yoga:    Angry Melissa = Fierce Goddess Pose

            Calm Melissa = Easy Pose

Check out these up an coming authors. 

If you'd like to learn more about using story and yoga in your home or school classroom visit us @ for FREE RESOURCES. 

Happy Fall Ya'll!


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