Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Why combine story and yoga?

Story and yoga build literacy skills that’s why - language, physical literacy and emotional literacy!

Story and yoga both come from a place of stillness. Story settles the body down so the mind can listen, and yoga settles the mind down so we can become aware of our bodies. We find repose from the frenetic pace of life. When children learn to focus their energies, they gain control of their lives.

Here are 12 benefits of combining story and yoga.


Story and yoga promote literacy, health and well-being. The power of story andthe wisdom of yoga enhance kids’ natural curiosity about the world while encouraging their innate creativity, and engaging them in mindful movement.


Story and yoga engage kids. Kids love stories and yoga brings the story to life. Story and yoga improve literacy skills by encouraging kids to retell the story with yoga poses. Using their own words, they are able to recall the beginning, middle and end. Comprehension complete!


Story and yoga capture the imagination. Yoga stories are a super way to encourage kids to use their imaginations. Imagination enhances critical thinking skills. When practicing the poses, they imagine the characters and setting. Kids learn that their imaginations are limitless and can take them on adventures, anywhere and anytime!


Story and yoga improve visualization. Along with exercising the body and the imagination, story and yoga allow kids to visualize. They learn that stories come alive within their minds. Even without a book, kids can listen to a story and see it in their minds eye through visualization!


Story and yoga teach sequential thinking and planning. Listening to story and following instructions on how to do a yoga pose reinforces an order of events. Sequential thinking is important in planning. Structure and syntax matter to the meaning and understanding of sentences, and you cannot balance in Tree Pose if you do not set it up correctly!


Story and yoga build connections. Children must be able to build a connection to the characters and setting in a story. Yoga creates a connection between the mind and the body. Kids build compassion and empathy for themselves and others by connecting emotionally to the story!


Story and yoga teach self-regulation. Yoga teaches us to control our bodymovements and to be mindful of our breath. Whether children are reading a story out loud or silently to their self, they need to regulate their voice, pace and cadence. They also use their breath to pause at periods and commas!


Story and yoga teach mindfulness. Story and yoga both come from a place of stillness. Story settles the body down so the mind can listen, and yoga settles the mind down allowing us to become aware of our bodies. Kids become focused, purposeful in their yoga practice, and gain control of their own life!


Story and yoga improve speaking and encourage self-expression. Vocal ability improves as the voice is used in tandem with postures. Kids build confidence when encouraged to express themselves through acting out the story with yoga postures!


Story and yoga support multiple learning styles. Visual learners see the story through the yoga postures. Auditory learners hear the narrative and instructions to the poses, and kinesthetic learners notice and feel the body while practicing the yoga.


Story and yoga encourage cooperation. Kids focus on the adventure, not the perfect posture. They learn the value of teamwork when they practice yoga with others. Whether listening or reading to a sibling gives them an opportunity to share and care for each other.


Story and yoga encourage joy and a positive outlook. Kids love listening to stories. They enjoy retelling the story with yoga becoming a dog, an elephant and other aspects of the story. Combining stories and yoga is just plain fun!

Through the magic of story and the wisdom of yoga let the adventure begin!

Namaste, Kathe

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