Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Springtime and Recent Indie Reviews


Spring is here! According to Ayurveda, the latter half of winter and spring are considered Kapha season. Ayurveda is a sister science of yoga, a natural system of medicine that originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. The term Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words ayur, which means life, and veda means knowledge.

Therefore, Ayurveda translates to knowledge of life and is based on the idea that disease is due to an imbalance in a person’s environment. Ayurveda encourages certain lifestyle adjustments and natural treatments to regain balance in the body and mind.  

The qualities of the atmosphere define the Kapha season, not the calendar year. The qualities of Kapha season include dampness and moisture of melting snow, ice or rain, cold and cool temperatures, stagnation, and heaviness in the air. The factors of damp, cold, stillness and heaviness increase the same qualities in our minds and bodies causing colds, allergies, and a decrease in energy as well as depression. 

Spring has always been a time for cleansing and renewal, and we can bring balance to the body and mind by beginning a spring cleanse! This is important for kids and well as adults. In order to balance Kapha we can bring more light, warm, and invigorating energies into our daily routines.

Try to wake up just before sunrise, it’s a wonder-filled time. If your kids go to traditional school. Spend a few minutes with them watching the dawning of the day and listening to the birds. Just a couple of yoga postures with the kiddos will get stagnant energy circulating and will wake up the mind and the body, bringing vibrancy to everyone’s day.  Try chair pose – it warms the body and is invigorating, triangle pose – it aids digestion and opens the lungs, and tree pose – a balancing pose brings lightness to body and mind.

And last but certainly not least we mustn’t forget food, gotta eat right! We still want warm foods, just not so heavy. Lighten things us by adding leafy spring greens to vegetable soups, eat fresh berries and warm your dishes up with spices like cinnamon and chili. Yum!

Wishing you happiness and health as you spring forward!

And without further ado…enjoy this month’s Recent Indie Reviews, along with a few yoga poses too! Yep, cuz that's what I do!!

Animals over the Bridge by Janine Maxwell

A simple story to help prepare littles for sleep. Children imagine animals from the African plain walking on their backs as they experience a soothing massage before bedtime. An innovative body/mind concept!

Yoga; This story is full of opportunities to stretch before settling into bed for the night. Try; Cobra pose for the slithering snakes and Locust pose for crocodile


Tree Full of Wonder by Anna Smithers

Anna educates children on the important relationship between trees and people, as she entertains them with whimsical rhyme and enchanting illustrations. “Spot the Trees” is an engaging finish to this wonder filled story and “How to protect trees” offers us conversations starters. A Tree Full of Wonder encourages kids to enjoy and experience the wonder of trees!

Yoga; Tree pose of course, in its many variations!! Try hands at the heart, arms overhead palms touching, and arms open wide

Young Change Makers; Inspiring Others by Stacy C. Bauer

This inspiring collection of young change makers is incredible, an absolutely lovely book! It has so much to offer, each child’s story is highlighted with adorable illustrations and personal photographs, fun facts about the kids themselves, their advice to you and ways you can become a change maker. This is part of a series and you won’t be disappointed if you get each and every one. Well done, Stacy!!

Yoga; Warrior Poses because these children are strong and courageous! Try Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III

WeeBees and the Bee Attitudes by Marcia Elizabeth Papa

Adorably cute wee bees with a simply sweet message for littles! Young listeners will learn what it means to bee kind, bee helpful, and bee friendly as it shows examples of each bee attitude. Give littles a head start on social emotional learning with this one! Perfect for 2–5-year-olds.

Yoga; Bee Pose - Sit in easy pose, open the arms out to the side, put your hands on your shoulders, elbows point out to the side. Twist side to side 4x. Pause. Come back to center and circle the elbows 4x. Pause. Lift the elbows up and down 4x. Pause. Release the hands and shake the pollen off as you buzz like a bee!

Thomas the Tiger’s Terrible Twos by Sarah Tucker

The cover is unquestionably precious, it drew me right in.  Knowingly, I went for a spin. The story reminds us, we all have tough days. They come to us in unpredictable ways. So how do we handle, unruly emotion? Some say with love and unconditional devotion. Perhaps you are wondering, but what should I do? Just remember, you once were a terrible two.

Yoga; Tiger pose for Thomas

Me and my Kazoo at the Zoo by Jonathan Marshall

In this story a young boy fancies what the animals will do when he plays his kazoo. It will spark kid’s imaginations as they learn about different musical instruments, plus it teaches them how to play a kazoo too! Kids love music and dancing and along with funny, bright colorful illustrations it’s sure to keep them involved. Educational and entertaining, it makes you want to take a Kazoo to the Zoo just to see what the animals will do! 

Yoga; lots of options here with all the animals you find in the zoo. Try Orangutan pose - wide legged forward fold as you sway side to side, and Lion pose 

Until next time!

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