Thursday, March 17, 2022

Active Listening = Good Communication


A benefit of combining Story and Yoga


Have you ever told a child to do something and they said OKAY, but then find that it hasn’t been done?

It’s not unusual for kids to sometimes tune you out, however if you are constantly having to repeat things there may be something else going on. Is the child not actively listening? Do they not comprehend what you are saying?

We often confuse listening with hearing. Listening is more than just hearing what is being said. Listening is the ability to understand the meaning of words and then relate to them in some way. When children hear a story, good listening skills and comprehension enables them to understand it, remember it, and even retell it in their own words. That’s what A Yoga Storytelling Adventure books to are all about!

Good listeners grow up to be good communicators. Communication is the foundation for creating healthy and positive relationships. When we communicate effectively, we are able to tell others how we feel in a positive and productive manner. Effective communication is built on respect, respect for oneself as well as for the other person. Indeed being respectful while communicating can lead to being more caring and compassionate toward others as well as ourselves. Through active listening and good communication, we have the ability to create positive relationships.

Combining story and yoga engages kids in active listening and communication. A Yoga Storytelling Adventure kids yoga stories makes reading an interactive activity; both listener and reader participate through eye contact and facial expressions, being interested and paying attention, and acting out the story with yoga poses. This helps children remember the beginning, the middle and the end of the story and this increased engagement promotes deep learning. They can now relate as they are now a part of the story, and are able to recall it. Comprehension complete!!

Another fun interactive activity is to encourage kids to retell the story in their own words using a story circle, which is a simple method of passing a story around. In a classroom setting this gives each child a chance to practice storytelling, but even a parent and one child can do this.

Active listening and good communication are keys to social and emotional learning, and combining story and yoga build listening and communication skills!  

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